3-for-60: Coachella Countdown Vol. 3

Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears, Boys Noize, Brandon Flowers

Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears

Upon first listen you can tell Joe Lewis probably dressed up like James Brown a lot in his childhood and gave private living room performances. And his parents must have told him to just keep going with it, cause look where Joe is now! Coachella!

These sweet honeybears lay down some seriously thick funk and soul. He even masters the mid-song Brown-style ramble! With those beautiful horns and glorious bass, I pretty confident Joe will serve as a catalyst for all to get up and dance.

Get Yo Shit
...sweet as honey & hilarious.
"Com'on baby let me back in the house, you know I love you.
She says: you don't even buy me presents...
Ya I did I bought you a box of chicken, but I ate it on the way home."

And "Big Booty Woman"...just speaks to me.

Boys Noize

Okay so, I probably shouldn't be making any decisions about techno music at 9 a.m. I don't think anyone should do that to themselves, so I'm going to put up a video and let bygones be bygones. All I know is I will probably have a good time if he plays this...

Last up...

Brandon Flowers
How random... I literally just got one of those concert alert emails saying he was coming to SD, just one day before he will take the stage at Coachella.

If this appeals to you, you may just see him twice.


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