3-for-60: Coachella Countdown Vol. 1

Chk,Chk,Chk, 12th Planet, Afrojack

(Chk, Chk, Chk)

I'm not just throwing in extra punctuation to compliment my already exciting text, !!! is actually the name of this band. (WARNING: Amateur hours are around every corner of this series due to the fact that I seriously have no clue about some of the acts performing at Coachella...bare with me naysayers.)

After creepin' the blogosphere, and listening to the jazzy-funk instrumentals of songs like "Wannagain Wannagain," I'm sold on !!! (in)formally pronounced Chk, Chk, Chk. Now that I've given them a solid listening to... I'm really effing excited!!!
^ did you see how I cleverly added those !!!...1 kudo?

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12th Planet

Calling all dubstep-loving freaks...just kidding...please don't beat me with your glow sticks. Dubstep is definitely appropriate at times, and frankly since I'm a Coachella virgin I'm pretty certain everyone else is way better informed if it is in fact one of those times. Lets get real though, Coachella IS probably one of the most appropriate times. So now I will definitely have to export myself to the 12th planet because "Father Said" with Skrillex & his "Born Free" Remix just successfully blew my mind!

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Wow, where do I begin... Afrojack is a can't miss for me! After an EPIC experience at Epic New Year in Del Mar, I just don't see how I can miss him. His especially addicting collaboration with Diplo to produce Chris Brown's "Look At Me Now" has left me once again feigning to see him live. I had the time of my life falling in love to him spinning... seriously, I had an improv duet with a striking gentleman in a duck hat to the song "The Time" (aka the Dirty Dancing theme song). Needless to say I plan on finding him at Coachella and recreate the whole thing. Afrojack made that happen for me, so that's a big "YE" from me to Afrojack, with love.

Let's try to spot me with Duckman...

Well crap...I've given 3/3 "Ye"s...hopefully this line-up will mellow out on the awesomeness so I might have options of not running frantically from stage to stage.


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