3-for-60: Coachella Countdown Vol. 6

Crystal Castles, Cut Copy, Emicida

Crystal Castles
My friends are in love with this band... Personally I haven't taken much time to really appreciate them, but I've had a lot of second hand exposure to almost all of their songs, and I'm not complaining. "Celestica" is one of their more familiar songs. It has an almost poetic trans feel to it, with soft and haunting lyrics. It seems everyone is eager to remix and mashup their songs but I know an original and live performance will probably deliver an intensely entrancing performance.

*Show alert...they are playing at House of Blues, San Diego on Mar 02, 2011

Cut Copy
Ye, ye, ye, yE!!!!! Lights & Music sold me on these guys long ago, I'm just suprised this will be the first time I see them live, but hopefully not the last.

Some Latin rap persuasion for you.


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