the anti-summer... potentially

this summer will be one like i have never had, I think.
Although there will be fun and there will be sun... I just don't know if I'll be getting some (fun & sun that is). I'm faced with undoubtedly the largest task of my academic career, which entails creating and submitting my thesis/IMC plan for my graduate program (aka gettin' me them Master's degrees, yall!).

I'm too nervous to comtemplate the amount of work that is ahead of me, and a little too bummed that it will all have to be completed during my favorite season. But, hopefully there will be many more summers to come, if I make it out alive. ;)

Here's some indie jams that make me think of this great season that has probably brought us all a little romance, laughs, epic sun burns, spontaneity, adventure, and the gift of utter laziness.

"we've got the ocean, got the babes, got the sun, we've got waves"


Ms. Cathy said...

You got this under control. Just remember, balance is key even when we have a big task at hand. Try to step out for some sun as it would boost your focus too :)


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