Isn't It Time

Think back to the best summer of your adult, or teenage life.

I think almost everyones' best summer is strongly correlated with some good old summer lovin'.

Each year when summer comes back around and I get to bask in the sun and remember all the good summers past, I will always be reminded of my last summer in California before setting off to Malta. I'd say it was the pure definition of summer love, but luckily mine hasn't ended.

I heard this Beach Boys song off their new album (so awesome) and I instantly connected with not only the lyrics, but the whole feeling of the song. Just like most BB songs, the spirit of summertime springs free in the melody and unleashes the happiness that summer creates. 

The song successfully reminded me that, yes, it is time! Summertime. Time to reunite with Jay. Time to recreate those memories...playing the ukulele on the bay, dancing like fools in the Coronado gazebo, playing in the waves at Black's beach, and simply, falling in love.

Summer... isn't it always time.

"The music spinning in our head,
can't forget the feeling of 
the magic of that summer love"
"Isn't it time we danced the night away
How about doing it just like yesterday?
Every time I think of you
All of the things we used to do"


"Remember those nights we spent just you and I,
Little did we know how the time would fly." 



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