How Much Does A Hipster Weigh...

An Instagram. :)

An incredible month summed up in a few square photos.

Just floating in the middle of a
beach party with my homie Brett :)
Booked a flight to Thailand
with my p.i.c Kels

Finished Grad School with a my
Maltese family! Love you guys :)
Pushed myself a little harder, and
saw the view from the top.

Truly enjoyed the beginning of
a Maltese summer.
Me & ev gave some foreigners a few
adventures to remember.

Discovered an amazing new beach,
San Blas, Gozo.
Got to spend some time with the most
beautiful and sweet Danes I know!

Can't believe it is almost time to end my time here in Malta. Luckily these last few months have left me with enough great memories to forget the frigid, must-sleep-in-a-peacoat winter. :)



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